Building valuable relationships, crafting beautiful places

Fido Projects is a Melbourne-based construction company creating places and spaces that people feel connected to. But we see that the work we do is about more than just the end game.

We’re about building relationships — working with our partners and clients in a way that’s collaborative, communicative and founded on trust. We look at things differently — not just every individual project, but the projects within the projects.

We consider how the finer details can become the bigger stories, how they can be imagined differently, more sustainably, more efficiently, to change how people live, or work or play.

Our team is dependable and credible and we pivot and press on to meet your vision, bring great design to life, and lead you on a happy journey home.

Our Team

Fido’s 2 Directors Tim & Joel are gregarious and likeable but above all else, we’re skilled professionals. We understand that human relationships determine how great the end game is, so we want to make sure the ride is fun, it’s collaborative, and it’s part and parcel of the memories.

The directors are supported by an (in)credible team of foremen, carpenters, contract administration and admin staff who are all innovative thinkers and problem solvers. We value our partners, our network of subbies and tradesmen & women and we work hard — often doggedly so, but we keep good-humour, and our clients admire that in our approach.

Word of mouth is important to our business and we like to think that stories of our capability, competency and efficiency are told long after the housewarming.

Our craft is our passion and we love what we do

Tim Wheeler

Joel Carr

Our Process

Occasionally Fido is engaged through the traditional competitive tender process but our preference is for partnership, we take you on the journey with us from the early stages through an open book-negotiated tender process because we know that the best outcomes happen when we work as a team. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

We are passionate about the work we do, and the relationships we forge along the way.

Our Manifesto

We treat every project individually — an opportunity to do things differently — to change, to innovate and to grow.

We solve problems.

We pivot.

We anticipate and mitigate.

We work with like-minded people.

We remain transparent.

We deliver on a vision and we push it even further, to make it even better.

We endeavour to bring happiness — to create the types of places where people feel they belong.

We want to be chosen for our affable team and exceptional craft.

We’re for great ideas that come to life, and a happy journey home.


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